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"There's as much content in one episode as I've seen in complete experiences. I've done a few subscription boxes and this was by far the best"

"Had a great time with the first delivery from The Detective Society. Really well put together, just as exciting as an escape room but all from your own lounge"

"Really impressed with the quality, the level of challenge and the amount of content! Can't wait for our next assignment!"

"The makers have gone great lengths to create an immersive winding story that interacts on so many different platforms."

"Just spent a brilliant Friday evening solving Episode 1 of the Claire Makova case. Incredibly well put together and really enjoyable - can't wait for the next one!"

"Just finished solving episode one with my kids. We all loved it, thanks!"


We created a demo game to give you a feel for the Detective Society experience.

The demo is a completely different case to 'Season 1', so don't worry - no spoilers. It was designed to take 20-25 minutes, as opposed to the real game, which should take between 90 - 120 minutes to complete.

Watch these videos to see the demo in action...

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