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Solve puzzles, investigate clues and use your detective skills to crack the case.

How It Works


Become A Detective

The Detective Society delivers a package to your door each month, filled to the brim with incredible puzzles and an exciting, intricate plot. You can play by yourself, with your partner or with a team of your friends or colleagues.


A Season of Sleuthing

Each package we send you is part of a six-episode season, that takes place in a deep, immersive, narrative-driven world. You need to explore this world in order to solve the case, all from the comfort of your own home.


Solve The Puzzles

You’ll need to solve fiendish puzzles, decipher cryptic codes and use your powers of deduction to figure out how to crack the case. If you enjoy puzzle solving or escape rooms, then we need your detective skills.


Immerse Yourself

In addition to the physical items in the package, a complex digital world will sprawl out in front of you, requiring you to investigate the characters and interact with them via SMS, email and online messenger services.


About the Games


Solo or with friends

It's up to you! You can play by yourself or play cooperatively with a group of friends or colleagues.


90 - 120 minutes

Average playing time, depending upon your experience & number of players.


Suitable for all ages

But recommended for those aged 14+ due to difficulty level.
Content warnings: mild peril.


Tools required

You will need access to the internet, an email account and the ability to make phone calls and send SMS messages.

Join The Society

Can you help to find Claire Makova?

If you're ready to begin your detective career with us, then we're ready to welcome you to The Detective Society.

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