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Trouble in Folklore Falls: The Whole Adventure

A spate of dognappings has plagued the fairytale town of Folklore Falls, can you discover the truth?

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Family Adventures

Three exciting mini-mysteries, perfect for younger detectives or families who love to puzzle together

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The Cursed Exhibition: The Whole Adventure

A museum worker is found dead in a locked room, could it be related to a mysterious stolen artefact?

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The Disappearance of Claire Makova: The Whole Adventure

The daughter of a high profile diplomat goes missing, do you have what it takes to track her down?

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The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee: The Whole Adventure

A man falls into an inexplicable coma at a train station, can you find out the nefarious reasons why?

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Murder On The Moon (Pre-Order)

Join the mission and help solve the Murder On The Moon!

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How it works

Become a detective

The Detective Society games are filled with incredible puzzles and an exciting story. Everything is designed to immerse you in the world, and make you feel like a REAL detective. The question is: do you have what it takes?

Escape room puzzles

In order to crack the case you’ll need to solve loads of escape-room-style puzzles, putting your detective skills to the test. Each puzzle is rooted in the reality of being a detective, so nothing feels out-of-world.

Talk to characters

You wouldn’t be a real detective if you didn’t have some suspects and witnesses to talk to. You might need to speak to characters via email, SMS/WhatsApp and instant messenger in order to establish what’s going on.

Immersive digital world

You don’t just interact with the physical items in the package - a vast digital world sprawls out in front of you. You might need to investigate various websites, listen to unique audio recordings or trawl through videos to solve the mystery.

Partner games

Welcome to the home of puzzle games! We have partnered with third-party designers to bring you their mysteries, take a look…

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