Investing in The Detective Society

The Detective Society is seeking investors to help us to scale. We are an award-winning games studio, with low overheads, built on the passion of our Founders. We have a large customer base and have built a well-liked brand.

We have a vision for the company consisting of three main aims:

1. We want to have a reliable and regular new release cycle, that consistently captures the demand we see.

2. We want to manufacture stock in larger quantities to reduce our per-unit costs.

3. We want to continue to be known for our innovation and quality in our niche games market. 

To reach these goals, our primary hurdle is to improve our cash flow. Could this be where you come in? We imagine two methods of investing in The Detective Society:

1. Investors with a minimum of £1,500 can 'buy into' our next print run, receiving royalties on our sales.

2. Investors with a minimum of £25,000 - get in touch to talk about equity.

We are also open to offers in other formats.

Please contact to discuss further.

Disclaimer: Investing in small businesses is risky, so please do not contact us unless you are experienced and have an understanding of this type of undertaking.