The Cursed Exhibition

Something strange is going on at the museum. 

A member of staff has been murdered. Could it be related to the unveiling of an ancient artefact, reputed to be a tool of an evil god? Something sinister is happening and its up to you to solve the case!

This thrilling detective adventure takes place over 6 episodes.
Each episode is around 90 - 120 minutes long 
Recommended for 1 - 4 players.
The recommended playing age is 14+.

The Third Adventure from The Award Winning Detective Society*

A story filled with twists, turns and some laughs thrown in for good measure. An award-winning play-at-home mystery adventure, perfect for date-nights, team building, board gamers, crime solvers, mystery fans and everyone in who loves a good mystery story!

*You do not need to have played our previous adventures to enjoy "The Cursed Exhibition".

Made By Us

6 Episodes

The Cursed Exhibition: The Whole Adventure

Could a peculiar artefact be responsible for a death in a museum?